Paged Post Slider: Demo


This is an example Paged Post Slider slide. Every slide in this demo was added to this post using the WordPress TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor, and broken into slides using the Nextpage tag. Breaking up the post into slides was made even easier by the fact that the Paged Post Slider plugin adds a Nextpage button to the editor.

Slides fit whatever container you put them in and automatically scale on responsive sites.

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  1. John

    When the end users click through a slide show will each slide represent a unique page view in google analytics?

    • Josiah Spence

      Unfortunately, no. From Analytics’ perspective, each slide is just an anchor on a single page. By default, Google Analytics disables specific tracking of anchor links, but apparently it is easy to enable anchor tracking.

  2. kai

    the NEXT button doesnt show up at all : ( pls help

    • Josiah Spence

      What are your settings in the Paged Post Slider Settings page? What theme/plugins are you running? Could you provide a link to the problem page?

    • kai

      Hi Josiah
      Slider Navigation Position: Both
      Slide Count: Do not display
      Use stylesheet (unchecked)

      THEME: Graphene

      PLUGINS: Breadcrumb NavXT – TablePress – Ultimate TinyMCE

    • Josiah Spence

      This may seem fairly obvious, but did you insert the “Next Page” tag in the post somewhere, with content both before and after it? The reason I ask is that if my plugin doesn’t work its magic, the post should theoretically fall back to having a normal pagination link.

  3. Dev

    Hey ! Thanks for this.

    I want to use this without jquery. Is this possible ?

    • Josiah Spence

      I’m glad you like the plugin! Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use the plugin without jQuery – The ajax functionality is all handled through jQuery.

      Just out of curiosity, why is it that you don’t want to use jQuery? Are you just trying to reduce the page size?

  4. Ashwini Sah

    Say, I want to write about 5 best mobile phones. I want to write an introduction paragraph and then 5 mobiles.

    Is it possible to keep introduction paragraph above the slide show so that the first paragraph remains constant and products are moving in slide show.

    I guess this could be achieved by inserting a custom field where introduction could be written and which can be placed above the post content. I am not a coder so don’t know how to achieve this.

    Or another way could be a tag (just like next page tag) which will separate the first paragraph from slide show.

    Eagerly waiting for your revert.

    • Ashwini Sah

      Seems I achieved it with custom fields trick

      Thanks a lot for the great plugin 🙂

    • Penny

      Ashwini, can you please share how you achieved it?

      What’s the “custom fields trick”?

      I need to do exactly the same thing…

    • Josiah Spence

      The use of custom fields is a bit of a big subject to go in to here, but basically, you set up a custom field that holds whatever text you want display on every page. The you implement that field in your theme to display outside of the_content. For more on custom fields, see the WordPress Codex.

  5. chavakiran

    Good one.
    Two requests:
    1. Is it possible to add another link for “View all in one page” ?
    2. When we click on next it is preserving the position of div. Instead it should go back to the top, so that readers don’t need to scroll-up and read. For this demo as the demo text is very small this usability problem is not present, but when each page is a little longer then after clicking next reader have to scroll up to start reading.

    • Josiah Spence

      Neither of these is possible in the current version of the plugin, though I may consider them for a future release.

    • Josiah Spence

      Neat. Looks awesome. I’m pondering the best way to add a similar feature to the next version of the plugin.

    • Josiah Spence

      The newest update to the plugin adds an option to include a “View Full Post” link below the slideshow.

  6. Jason

    Hi, nice script. But is there a way to use this for non-wordpress implementation, as in just a normal jQuery plugin for use with html pages? So for example i use tinymce to create content which just gets saved as a html page.

    • Josiah Spence


      The javascript code could be pretty easily adapted to work on a non-WordPress site, but that is not something currently on my radar. If you have any experience with javascript and jquery at all, I would encourage you to take a look at the code and modify it for your purposes. The plugin is totally open source, so you are at liberty to do what you want with the code.

  7. John


    How to i get the slider to refresh the whole page ? i use ad sense and the refreshes would help me.


    • Josiah Spence

      If you want to refresh the whole page, try just using WordPress’ built-in pagination. AdSense refreshing is not an option with the plugin at this time.

  8. Pat

    Is there a way that allows separate comments on each post?

    • Josiah Spence

      That wouldn’t work with this plugin since the point is to paginate a single post. You may want to look into other Ajax plugins that allow you to navigate through different posts.

  9. Ilija

    Hello Josiah,

    I like the slider very much. But i have one question..
    Is it possible to adapt it so i will force my G_adsense refresh when i click next on the slider ?

    Thank you very much, keep up the good work.

    • Josiah Spence

      Sorry, that is not an option at this time. Perhaps in a future release.

  10. Melvin


    This is great and what I’ve been looking for. I just really wish there was a way to generate a page view for each slide. This will help with ads on the site and visitor tracking.

    You mentioned it might be in an upcoming update. Is this something you are currently working on? Are you available for hire?


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