WordPress Plugin: Paged Post Slider

Note: This Plugin Is No Longer Actively Developed Or Supported

Another slider plugin? Yes, they are everywhere, but none really does what this one does. The Paged Post Slider turns your post content itself into the slider.

WordPress has an excellent, but little known, feature for splitting up long posts into multiple pages. However, a growing trend among major news and blog sites is instead to split up posts into dynamically loading sliders. While there are many slider plugins available for WordPress, none of them quite tackles this functionality. That’s where the Paged Post Slider comes in: it takes normal multi-page posts from WordPress and replaces them with an all-ajax slider that requires almost no setup.

What the slider does:

  • Replaces WordPress’ built-in post pagination functionality with an ajax-based carousel.
  • Uses hash based URLs for easy direct linking to specific slides. This also preserves the functionality of the browser’s Back button.
  • Automatically adds slide navigation and a slide counter (e.g. ‘1 of 5’) to sliders according to the preferences you set.
  • Adds the ‘Insert Page Break’ button to the TinyMCE post editor so that you can easily split your content into multiple pages/slides.
  • Provides an optional stylesheet for (very) basic styling of the slider navigation.
  • Degrades gracefully. If the plugin is missing or uninstalled, posts will behave exactly like normal multi-page posts.


How do I split up my posts into different slides?

Just treat it like a normal WordPress multi-page post. To make this extra-easy, the plugin activates the ‘Insert Page Break’ button in the post editor. Just insert your cursor wherever you want to break between slides and click the button – Presto! You have a new slide!

For more information about WordPress’ built-in multi-page post funtionality, visit this page.

Why am I seeing an extra Next/Previous navigation element in my theme?

Your theme contains its own wp_link_pages() tag to accomodate WordPress’ built-in post pagination feature. To ensure that this does not interfere with the plugin, please remove any reference to the wp_link_pages() tag from your single.php file. Note that it is possible that the tag is inluded in a template part, rather than directly in the single.php file itself.

How can I change the way the slider looks?

The Paged Post Slider is designed to be syled by the user using standard CSS. On the plugin’s Settings page, you can choose to use the included styles, but even these are meant only as a basic starting point.

6 Responses to “WordPress Plugin: Paged Post Slider”

  1. Justin Twerdy

    Hey Josiah, thanks for making this awesome plugin!

    Is it possible to change the pagination numbers to slide titles? Something like the Multi-page Toolkit Plugin did? Seems like a great way to provide purposeful navigation for multipage posts, and have had quite a few clients ask about this (:

    Some interest was shown here as well when I was searching around:



    • Josiah Spence

      I’m glad you like the plugin!

      That is not something the plugin can currently achieve, but it sounds like a great feature idea. Perhaps it is something I will shoot for in version 2.0…

  2. Urico

    Hi Josiah,

    Cool plugin! Thanks for building it.

    Is it possible to have a settings to choose the transition like fadeIn or slides? Or would you send me the code for making the content slide from left instead of fade in?


    • Josiah Spence

      Hi Urico. At the moment, the slider only accepts fading transitions. The reason for this is that I would have needed to include jQuery UI as well as plain old jQuery to allow for other transition types, and I always tend to err on the side of keeping pageloads fast. I may consider adding optional selection of additional transition types in a future version of the plugin.

  3. Hiren

    Hi Josiah,

    Is it possible to write unique Title for each slide?


    • Josiah Spence

      You could simply add a header level (h1, h2, etcetera) line to each chunk of text.

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