Introducing Basis: A WordPress Starter Theme For Developers

Most of my projects for clients are built on WordPress, so I spend a lot of time working on themes. Rather than starting completely from scratch each time, I find that that it saves huge swathes of time to have a boilerplate theme that already includes most of the elements I use for every project. This is hardly a new idea – Several great boilerplate themes are already out there in the wild. If you haven’t already, check out Roots, Bones, and Skeleton.

I myself started with an early version of Roots when I first decided I needed a boilerplate. But over time, I kept making changes (many of them subtractive) until very little of the original remained and what I had could be definitively called a project all its own. And so Basis was born.

I have already been working with and on Basis for a good while now, but the time has come at last to open source it and make it publicly available.

Some Of The Top Features

  • Super-semantic HTML5 markup, which includes Microdata and ARIA roles for maximum accessibility.
  • An awesome document head with conditional icons, Facebook Open Graph meta, and a conditional meta description.
  • A modularly crafted set of theme files and reusable parts for a super-efficient workflow.
  • Stylesheets in both SASS and vanilla CSS that include basic styles for your theme, the TinyMCE editor, and tweaking the WordPress admin.
  • A set of pre-enqueued scripts, including FitVids.js, Warning.js, as well as custom files for your plugins, scripts, and admin scripts.
  • It comes pre-loaded with the WPTheming Options Framework to help you easily create a Theme Options page.
  • On theme activation, it automatically creates a Home page, pre-fills it with Lorem Ipsum, and sets it as the site front page.
  • It automatically registers two custom menus, a sidebar widget area, and post thumbnails.
  • It tweaks and cleans up much of the built-in WordPress functionality, including the wp_head, menu markup, gallery markup, search URLs, Read More text, and more.
  • Well commented code. If you want to change anything at all, you shouldn’t have too difficult a time.

How Basis Is Unique

Basis, for all its bells and whistles, is really focused on keeping things simple. It provides no grid framework, minimal built-in styles, no crazy custom function framework, and avoids the pile of hacks and conditionals necessary to support IE8 and older. It is really just a boilerplate, not a framework.

Every developer has his or her own particular workflow, and Basis was built with the idea that you will take it, cut what you don’t like, and alter it to become your own. The well documented and commented code should make it easy to hack away to your heart’s content.

A Totally Open Licence

Basis is under the WTFPL licence, which means it is totally free to use, alter, maim, or share in any way you please. Sharing is caring.

Learn More On The Basis Project Page

Or visit the project on Github.


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