I’m Done With Vendor Prefixes

No, this post isn’t some rant about why vendor prefixes are bad for the industry, and it isn’t about me declaring a blanket boycott. I’m just done writing them myself because I now have tools that do the task for me.

You may have already heard about Autoprefixer, as it has been causing a buzz in web development circles for the past few weeks. Essentially, Autoprefixer checks your CSS against Can I Use and intelligently decides which properties to prefix based on browser support data. I think that Autoprefixer started out on Grunt, but has now been adapted to work in basically any system you might be using, including Compass, Ruby, Node, PHP, etcetera. Personally, I use Autoprefixer the easy way, since it is now rolled in to Prepros, my favorite dev tool (about which I wrote in an earlier post.)

Tangentially, Prepros now has a pro version, which is only $19 and adds a few handy features, including live refresh for all file types, multi-device testing, remote inspect, etcetera. Really, for that price, it is worth it to upgrade to pro just to support the project, even if the added features aren’t something you particularly need.

2 Responses to “I’m Done With Vendor Prefixes”

  1. Rasmus

    I haven’t found any documentation on how to inlcude the prefixing… I found the option in the project settings, but how do you format the comma separated list for different browsers?

    I tried putting ie8, ff, safari, chrome in the input field, restared, reloaded but havent seen any effect so far.

    any clues?

    • Josiah Spence

      @Rasmus, All you need to do is check the “Auto Prefix CSS” box in the SASS Options tab. Then, when your SASS file compiles, it should automatically spit out prefixes wherever necessary in your CSS. Super easy.

      If you are still having problems, I would recommend you ask about it at the Prepros site.

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